Newsletter Automation

The secret to effective and successful newsletter marketing is automation

Newsletter Automation

The secret to effective and successful newsletter marketing is automation

The definition of newsletter automation is the automatic sending of newsletters. There are two different ways to achieve success with the help of e-mail marketing automation. First, there is trigger mailing. This means an e-mail is being sent based on certain behavioral actions (triggers). Alternatively, there is life-cycle mailing – where the e-mail is being sent at a specific point in the customer journey, automatically. Thanks to automated mailings, it is possible to create a deeper connection to your existing clients or to win new customers via personal and relevant content.

What are the advantages of automated mailings?

Automated newsletters are very effective. The attribute that contributes the most to your success is the fact that you can tailor each e-mail to current, personal situations of each customer. This way, the newsletter gains a high relevancy among customers and is better received.

Through automated e-mail marketing, with relatively little effort, you will achieve tremendous results. Using a refined system makes it more probable that the e-mail will be opened, content be clicked, and products be purchased. It is not out of the ordinary that open rates with auto-responders are double that of conventional newsletters. The process works almost on its own, once you define the necessary parameters. The triggers that will initiate sending can be defined by individual recipient indicators and can be freely set by you.

How to automate newsletters

Newsletters are automatically sent to your customers based on activity, purchase behavior in your online shop or on your client’s birthday. Another advantage of e-mail automation is the high degree of personalization. The e-mails can be personalized down to the smallest detail, even though the newsletter campaign has been automated. In addition to personally addressing each customer, you can also tailor the content specifically to each recipient.

Through this combination, you can always send personalized content to your recipients at the most convenient times (recorded via triggers). This creates a high level of individuality and relevance for your readers. As you have noticed, a well-created automated newsletter mailing system is very effective and beneficial to long-term customer contact.

For these reasons, it’s favorable to incorporate e-mail marketing software along with newsletter automation for any and all who utilize marketing e-mails.

Popular automated mailings

Welcome e-mail

A welcome e-mail is sent to all new newsletter subscribers. Generally, the new recipient will immediately receive a welcome e-mail, following a double opt-in (this is also part of the confirmation to the newsletter registration). Through the use of a welcome e-mail, you have the opportunity to directly establish communication with your customer.

Birthday e-mail

The setup of a birthday e-mail is relatively easy, as the only information needed is the birthday of the customer (which is usually already saved in most online shops or CRM systems). This information can directly be transferred to the automated e-mail marketing system. This opens up the excellent opportunity of making a personalized gift for your clients. Not only are these types of mailings very popular among senders, but even more so among recipients.

Reactivation e-mails

Many lists have large portions of inactive contacts – people who haven’t read or opened the newsletters. It often takes less effort and is cost-effective to reactivate existing customers rather than trying to acquire new ones. Again, this is where automated mailing can assist you. Simply send a reminder at a particular time interval to your lists. Campaigns of this sort usually yield excellent results and garner lots of reactivations. You should always be cautions not to send these reminders too early or too often.

mailflatrate the automated e-mail marketing tool

Easily creating e-mails and clearly implementing sending triggers is most important to you. In order for your automated newsletter to be successful, mailflatrate offers the following benefits:

Not only does a well-organized automated e-mail marketing increase work efficiency, but also ensures that your recipients consistently receive relevant content based on their current situations. mailflatrate offers a wide array of automation options for all your newsletter campaigns. Sign up for free today and find out for yourself about the versatile advantages automated mailing has to offer.

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