Newsletter API

Integrate mailflatrate in your system - for powerful newsletter

Newsletter API

Integrate mailflatrate with your system - for powerful newsletter

By using an API (Application Program Interface), you can combine and connect various services and programs in order to create a stable coupling of all desired tools.

Our Newsletter API assists you in connecting your mailflatrate account to any desired outside application. The programming language will not be an issue.

APIs are advantageous because they operate and can be integrated independently from the predefined programming. This is one of the main reasons why APIs are becoming increasingly significant in the online world.

Whether you wish to connect your e-mail service with your website or expand your data source for reporting purposes – mailflatrate’s e-mail API will assist you in doing so.

Integration of our Newsletter Function with your CMS

Do you already have a satisfying CMS and want to see all important functions your newsletter service has to offer within your user interface?

With our mailflatrate newsletter API, you can integrate our extensive features directly with your CMS – no matter which one you are using. Access and manage your contacts directly without the need to additionally login to mailflatrate.

All of our list management functions are available this way:
  • Segmentation of your subscriber list
  • Synchronization of individual lists
  • Assignment of campaign-relevant parameters to automatically sort subscribers into specific lists
  • Overview of bounces and black listings

Mailflatrate interfaces

  1. – Shopware 6
  2. – Magento 1.x
  3. – Magento 2.x
  4. – Joomla
  5. – Opencart
  6. – Drupal 7
  7. – Drupal 8
  8. – WordPress
  1. – Shopware 5
  2. – Woocommerce / Drupal Commerce
  3. – Hubspot
  4. – Shopify
  5. – PrestaShop
  6. – Facebook
  7. – Eventbrite
  8. – OXID eSales
  9. – Uncounce
  10. – SAP
  11. –
  12. – Typo3

Energize your campaigns with additional data via APIs

Especially with e-mail marketing, it is crucial to know your subscribers in great depths. That way, you bind them to you and your products in the long term. Personal information, such as date of birth, purchase behavior and phase of customer experience, allows each newsletter to be more successful.

All this knowledge can flow into each of your subscriber lists automatically with the help of our high-performance newsletter API. Use this information to hone in on your target audience and to further individualize future mailings.

These small details are often the make-or-break in newsletter marketing. They ensure open and click rates while reducing the overall bounce rate substantially. Your subscribers will only see the relevant content you sent them. Let your e-mails be an unavoidable marketing instrument for you and your brand.

Improve your Reporting

In addition to all advantages our newsletter API creates, your work efficiency will also improve immensely.

You’ll receive reports on your campaigns directly via e-mail on a regular basis and see how your newsletter campaigns are performing and potential optimization opportunities. If you wish to observe your e-mail marketing data in regards to other KPIs, you also have the opportunity to do so via our newsletter API. Integrate your mailflatrate data into popular tracking tools such as Google Analytics and determine how your mailing is performing among the marketing mix.

Create synergy among all marketing measures and mitigate bounces and aborted conversion with target reminders. You’ll receive detailed insight into your customers’ behavior and can use the collected data for future planning. It is especially difficult to keep track, when running various marketing channels at the same time. With our e-mail API, this will be a problem of the past. You’ll always know your customers’ behavior.

API Documentation

The API documentation or the interface description will help you get any and all functions of the API integrated – this also includes our newsletter API. With the detailed documentation, you will receive precise technical components to fully utilize our API. How can our interface pull reliable subscriber data and how does mailflatrate recognize bounces and remove them from your list? At the same time, it will assist you in integrating your API where it yields the best possible outcomes. In the near future, you will understand your newsletter tool far better. Read our API documentation now.

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