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Its all about the functionality a good newsletter tool provides. We, at mailflatrate, have a vast variety of practical features with which you can amplify all your newsletter marketing efforts. From an in-depth reporting function to full automation: Being a mailflatrate user, you will benefit from all newsletter functions [for your campaigns] that we provide. Better connect with your customers and attain the best possible results. Here, we will go into greater depths explaining our newsletter features and show you how to use them best.

Overview of all Functionalities

API Integration

APIs or Application programming interfaces are used to connect the newsletter service with an outside program without any issues. This newsletter feature allows you to integrate the mailing service into your website or into an existing report and tracking system, making it more reliable. The possibilities with this feature are almost endless, irrelevant of your preferred programming language.

List Management

Our extensive list management feature assists you in segmenting your subscribers quick and effortlessly. With this newsletter, create various function tags for your target audience in order to plan even better campaigns. This is how you make target-audience email marketing easier and clearer. Keep the oversight of your subscribers with tag-based list management from mailflatrate.

A/B Tests

Test various different newsletter versions with our A/B split testing feature. This will aid you, especially when optimizing your campaign. Try various call-to-actions, layouts, or even content, and learn which version works best. Learn which mailing times work best and integrate data driven findings into future strategies. Our newsletter features assists you in always striving to improve.


Our automation feature helps you reduce time consuming tasks. With mailflatrate, you can react quickly to user signals – even if you are managing other things. You can pre-program your settings allowing for automated newsletter deliveries or other communication with your subscribers. Plan targeted and personalized autoresponder emails; let mailflatrate work for you.

Newsletter Management

Keep oversight of your campaign with our newsletter management feature. Thanks to our thorough user interface, you can track your newsletter progress for various lists. This is how you’ll receive detailed history on your mailings in order to collect data on every single campaign. With mailflatrate, you can stay in control of your email marketing strategy.


Data driven marketing is becoming more important in order to better understand customers and provide them with suitable marketing. This is why reporting and tracking is a central element to successful newsletter marketing. Our report overview provides you with important indicators such as KPIs, click-, open-, and bounce-rates. Track your subscriber’s behavior in depth and optimize future campaigns based on those findings. mailflatrate gives you the option to send your reports effortlessly. Allow others access and share your success.


With our elaborate questionnaire functionality, you can create surveys – fast and easily. These can assist you in making decisions, receive enhancement or alteration suggestions, and ask for feedback or suggestions. You can choose from a large variety of user defined inputs in order to create your personalized questionnaire. In addition, you will receive a separate evaluation for each input.

Newsletter Features for better Marketing

As a mailflatrate user, you will profit from our practical functions. These functions will assist you in executing email marketing in a professional and data driven manner; especially in today’s flooded marketing world since it’s more difficult to stand out. That’s why it is crucial to understand your customers and the customized content that should be delivered to them. You will accomplish this with our help! Turn your future newsletter campaign for your subscribers into an adventure. Generate leads and learn to understand their preferences from the get-go. Collect these indicators and use them to your advantage. Our functions will assist you in perfectly configuring data towards your specific target groups, increase your performance, and your income accordingly. Successful newsletter marketing has never been easier. Test us out and you’ll be happily convinced.

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