Anti Spam Policy

mailflatrate is obliged to adhere to not sending spam. The sending of unsolicited emails may impair the deliverability of the mailflatrate service. Of course, mailflatrate does not want this, because our goal is always to ensure that your mailings reach your recipients. Therefore we ask you to adhere to our anti-spam guidelines. Some of the points listed here can also be found in our General Terms and Conditions, which you must agree to for the use of mailflatrate. Here we have listed all the important points regarding anti-spam guidelines for you once again.
General rules (valid for all countries)
• You agree to our terms and conditions
• You inform us about how you got the address data of your recipients
• You obtain the consent of each recipient (double opt-in)
• Every mailing contains a unsubscribe link for the subscription  
• Each mailing contains a valid imprint with your contact details.
• Contact data, sender information or information in the subject must not be falsified by you.
• They accept the international anti-spam laws of their country. 

Rules for handling emails, images and other documents
The following material may not be distributed by mailflatrate. A violation will result in a possible suspension of the account and possibly financial penalties and legal action.

• Pornographic, racist, defamatory, political content
• goods or services classified as illegal
• Illegal pharmaceutical products
• Mailings in which illegal substances are advertised
• Illegal gambling mailings
• mailings with content that violates the laws of your country

The following data are not allowed:

• Addresses that you have copied from the Internet
• Email addresses that you received using a single opt-in function. Only addresses from the double opt-in procedure can be used.
• Orally collected email addresses may not be used for mailings. To use the email addresses and send mailings to any recipient, you need a written confirmation of consent from the recipient. In the case of declarations of consent not obtained in writing or electronically in accordance with § 28 (3a) BDSG, such confirmation is the prerequisite for effective consent.
• B2B addresses may also not be used without consent. It is not true that no prior consent is required for mailings to B2B contacts. According to case law, consent must also be obtained for email addresses before they are sent.
• Mailing lists that you have purchased may not be used with mailflatrate.
• Data collected by a third party may not be used.