The Company


since 2008

Already in 2008, the idea for mailflatrate was born at our headquarters in Lucerne, Switzerland. The aim was to develop software that would enable everyone to send newsletters quickly and easily. With our decades of experience in the field of online marketing, we have created mailflatrate, a tool that does justice to these goals.

Our experts deal daily with the latest trends and developments. So you can be sure that with mailflatrate you are always on the cutting edge of technology. Legal aspects are just as understandable to us as the implementation of design trends in our templates. Currently we employ about 30 innovative thinkers and creative minds at both locations to keep mailflatrate up to date.

The Team


Sazzad Hossan

Senior Web-Developer


Tobias Herr

Softwareen developer


Natalie Bauer

Communication designer


Jasper Abbir

Communication designer


Sabine Seidel

Personal management


Frank Bauer

Senior Web developer

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