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mailflatrate – Your reliable newsletter provider

With mailflatrate you can reach your customers – any time, and from any place! It is paramount to us as a newsletter provider that you reach your goals in an efficient manner. Provide your contacts with good newsletters and let them participate in your business. We give you the opportunity to test our tool 30 days for free. With our easy-to-operate newsletter service you will create your very first campaign with just a few steps in no-time.In addition to being able to create emails, we provide an extensive array of useful features – allowing you to keep full oversight of your newsletters and results.

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The first campaign in just a few clicks

What makes mailflatrate so efficient?

Design your own individual newsletter

You want to create your own newsletter but don’t know how? mailflaterate will help you. With our editor you can freely choose the layout you wish for your own promotion email. Just use our easy to use Drag & Drop function. If you are in a hurry, simply chose one of our 100 free ready-made templates. Stay in control of the look of all your advertisement efforts.

Automated creation and sending

mailflatrate as your email marketing provider offers you the opportunity to fully automate your workflow. Our newsletter software measures your bounce and unsubscribes then automatically removes them from your subscriber lists. Entries on your Blacklist will also not receive any promotion emails so that your delivery and open rate reaches its highest potential. We fully support you with all your customer communications via our auto-responder function – fast and effortless.

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Detailed statistics

Optimize your campaigns

Reach the finish line with the right set of strategies: define the Key Performance Indicators your newsletter is trying to reach. We, as a reliable newsletter provider, will support you in measuring and evaluating your success. Through our well-arranged tracking function, you can document and share all important success criteria in real-time. With each campaign, you received detailed statistics pertaining bounce, open, and click rates. Receive in-depth insight to how your customers are behaving and use them to further your success in future campaigns.

The Full Service Newsletter

for every industry

In the near future, would you like to reach your customer and contacts with attractive newsletters – but are missing the necessary resources? We will support you with that. With our full-service package, we will stand by your side as your marketing service provider. We will consult you in improving your newsletter marketing and will take over all campaign planning. It doesn’t matter if it pertains to ecommerce or retail, a blog or news page – with mailflatrate you will reach your target audience and lead your company to success!

Tag based List Management

Plan your campaigns more reliable

Tag based segmentation has become the industry norm in marketing. It makes the workload easier and ensures that your campaigns are becoming more targeted. In order to do so, create the desired tags within your subscriber lists. From demographic features such as gender and age, to specific buying behaviors, segment your subscribers with ease into tag based categories. Our tool will recognize any changes and order your subscribers automatically to fit the tag.

Fast and Efficient Integration

Customer management made easy

Incorporate your newsletter provider onto your website with just a few clicks. In an easy way, our WordPress Plugin opens the doors to the world of email marketing. Implement contact and signup forms directly into WordPress and embed them onto your site. Use this method to collect contacts and potential clients in order to reach them more efficiently in near future. Our mailflatrate Plugin is available at WordPress and free of charge. Profit from our newsletter program.


Send legally correct newsletters

When it comes to online marketing rules and regulations it’s sometimes not all that easy to follow. Being a reputable newsletter service, mailflatrate will assist you in conforming to all laws when composing a promotional email. Dissuasion will be a thing of the past. We will provide you with useful tips on how to legally increase your subscriber count and which aspects have to be considered so that no data protection violation occurs when sending a newsletter. Within your profile, you can simply agree to the data handling contract with single click. Click here for the full Checklist.

Arguments for mailflatrate

  • GDPR confirmative
  • Large selection with over 100 free HTML email templates
  • Highest delivery rate via Whitelisting
  • Personal support via telephone, skype, ticket system, live chat, and email
  • Design adaptations for all opt-in forms
  • Auto-responder and follow-up function
  • Server location: Europe
  • Comfortable drag & drop editor: create and edit email templates easily
  • 30 day test for free
  • Automated list management: Facilitate lists and data automatically and easily
  • Significant statistics for each and every campaign

Any questions?

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Success through email marketing

The right balance of marketing mixture allows a business to quickly be discovered as well as maintain its presence. Therefore, all offered online marketing means should be fully and efficiently utilized. Newsletter marketing plays an important role when trying to win-over new customers and gain brand loyalty. It is the perfect medium in distributing current news about your offer to the full spectrum of your audience. At the same time, a reliable newsletter program opens the opportunity to integrate with your customers and let their opinions be valued. The gained insight allows the information to be leveraged across other mass marketing methods. Through optimized email marketing, one can drastically improve their ROI in the long run and thus, keep marketing expenditures to a minimum.  It’s very important to us, a newsletter provider, to provide a marketing tool to our user that not only achieves the desired personal goals, but exceeds them.
For those reasons, mailflatrate users have unlimited access to important measure and settings functions in order to make email marketing as easy as possible. We are constantly working to improve our services so that we can deliver the best possible service to our customers. We complement our service offer with beneficial know-how surrounding the mailflatrate newsletter tool, online marketing strategies, and important information in order to be successful in newsletter marketing. That is our contribution to your success! Sign up today and start testing with our free email marketing program. Guide your business to a breakthrough with mailflatrate on your side.

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